What Is The Cost Of Reclast Without Insurance?


Asked by BA60

What Is The Cost Of Reclast Without Insurance?


Hi BA60, welcome and thanks for your question. If you know where you'll be having this infusion, you can call the billing office and ask what the price would be without insurance. The only figures I have are from 2007, so the price probably has changed.

In 2007 the Reclast retail price was approximately $800.00, plus you have to add the cost of the infusion on to that so that would make it more. You can also call 1-866-RECLAST and ask this question to get a more up-to-date price.

Novartis also has a patient assistance program for those without insurance and you can check that out at 1-800-245-5356 or log on to www.pap.novartis.com for more information.

Good luck and if you have any other questions just re-post.

Answered by Pam Flores