What Is The Cost Of Tysabri ?


Asked by Ronnie Mintz

What Is The Cost Of Tysabri ?

What will insurance cover for Tysabri?


Hi Ronnie,

This is a question which only can be answered by YOUR insurance company depending upon YOUR insurance coverage. There are many variables, even from the very same insurance company.

However, I can give you an estimate of possible costs involved based on an informal survey I conducted among MS patients who use Tysabri. The data was all self-reported and I did not require verification for the numbers involved.

Tysabri is delivered by infusion every 28 days which means 13 times in one year. There are separate costs involved for the drug itself, the infusion service, and the medical equipment necessary for infusion.

The wholesale price of one dose of Tysabri is approximately $2400. Charges per infusion ranged from $2898 to $12,785. Allowed charges ranged $2084 to $8010. There were several patients who never saw a bill. The out-of-pocket copays ranged from $0 to $540.

In general, the highest billed charges came from infusions received in a Hospital Infusion Center and the lowest billed charges came from infusions received in a neurologist's office.

If I were to use Tysabri, based on my insurance coverage, my out-of-pocket responsibility would be 10% of the allowed rate.

I understand that financial assistance is available for qualified individuals who have large out-of-pocket expenses. Contact the TYSABRI Access Program. For more information, review the TYSABRI website.

Hope that helps. But I'd recommend contacting your insurance company directly. Thanks for your question.


Answered by Lisa Emrich