What Is Cure For Hematospermia?


Asked by Abul

What Is Cure For Hematospermia?

I have been having blood in semen for more than a year. I donot have any other symptom. I check my sperms about a month interval. I am an active man of 70. I went to urologists and check the testerone and is less than normal and no infection. I am suffering from dysfunction erectile since the appearance of blood in semen.


Hematospermia is usually a self-limited condition that most often tends to be benign, but in older patients, it may rarely be associated with malignancy. Most commonly it is associated with an inflammatory condition of the prostate (such as prostatitis) or the seminal vesicles.

This should resolve spontaneously over the next several weeks. If it persists, a follow-up visit with your urologist would be a good idea.

Answered by Jay Motola, M.D.