What Is Dictorate Er 250 Or 500mg Used For?


Question: What Is Dictorate Er 250 Or 500mg Used For?

Asked by thejasvy

I was unconsious and fell down, then a few mornings later I was in hospital and didn't know what was happening. The doctors suspect that I have initial stages of "fits," but nothing came up on the CT or EEG scans. Now I have been prescribed Dictorate ER 250/500mg—what exactly is that for? What will it do?

Answer: Dicorate is a generic version of Depakote, which is FDA approved as both an anti-epileptic med to prevent seizures, as well as a bipolar medication to treat mania.

In essence, it helps slow down an over-active brain, but your neurologist may have his or her own reasons for putting you on the medication. These are referred to "off-label" uses, which is legitimate medical practice.

You will have better luck finding out more about the drug by Googling "Depakote" rather than "Dicorate."

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Answered by John McManamy