What Is The Difference Between Advair And Dulera?


Asked by polyanna

What Is The Difference Between Advair And Dulera?

Is one of them better? Are dry powder inhalers more or less efficient than aerosol ones?


Advair and Dulera are the same type of medicine, each containing a long-acting beta adrenergic (LABA) and each containing an inhaled steroid.

Technically speaking, there is no true advantage to either one. They are basically two options for the same type of medicine. However, that's not to say that different asthmatics or doctors don't have favorites. To find out which one works best for you may be a matter of trial and error.

Some studies say aerosols (breathing treatments) provide better lung distribution than DPIs. Metered dose inhalers, when used with a spacer and taken correctly, provide better distribution of medicine than aerosols. All methods of aerosol delivery have advantages; the challenge is finding which one works best for you. If you have already tried Dulera or Advair and it works well for you, then that's the one you should stick with. Any time a newer medicine comes onto the market it's going to be a little stronger, a little better, than its predecessor.

If you experience any side effects or symptoms with any medicine, report it to your doctor and stop using it. Always consult with your doctor about your asthma treatment options.

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