What Is The Difference Between Er And Sr On A Prescription


Asked by Marie

What Is The Difference Between Er And Sr On A Prescription>

I was taking Hyoscyamine ER .375 CAP(substituted for Levsinex), which really worked for me, and my Pharmacy said it was no longer available. They gave me Hyomax SR .375 TAB, which they say is the exactly the same thing, however my stomach says otherwise. I tried to find out the difference between ER & SR and cannot find an explanation. Is it just different because one is a Capsule and one is a Tablet. Does anyone know what other generic or brand name drug for Hyoscyamine is a capsule as well?

Thank you


ER stands for extended release; SR stands for sustained release - they seem to be referring to the same thing. You do hear from time to time about people responding differently to generics or different forms of the drug but why? I don't know.

According to RxList this drug also goes under the brand names Levbid, Levsinex, Spacol T/S, Symax Duotab, Symax-SR. Have you tried any of those?


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