What Is The Difference Between Lexpro And Trazadone?


Asked by Tareesa

What Is The Difference Between Lexpro And Trazadone?

I was given these medications by my doctor for mood swings, short temper, and lack of patience and i need something to help me calm down from flying off the handle over things and I have taken trazodone before and i think it helped from what i remember but then i seen online that lexapro does the same thing so do I need to take lexapro and trazadone or should i just take one


It's not unusual to prescribe a combination like this. The specific drugs prescribed by your doctor relate to the underlying condition - your diagnosis - since anger in particular is linked to several problems. He or she would know more about that than anyone else and so has a good reason for prescribing both.

Lexapro and trazodone are prescribed for depression and anxiety - both of which can be accompanied by angry outbursts. Lexapro is one of the class of antidepressants called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) while trazodone belongs to a different class called tetracyclics (that term refers to chemical structure). They work in different ways on the brain neurotransmitters that affect depression and have different side effects, so it's not unusual to have them prescribed together. I took a similar combination for a time.

I would certainly follow your doctor's advice but also quickly report back if your condition is not improving or serious side effects set in. Your doctor has an obligation to discuss whatever concerns you may have about treatment, so definitely ask him first. If you don't get clear answers, you might consider getting another opinion.


Answered by John Folk-Williams