What Is The Difference Between Schizophernia And Schizoaffective?


Asked by magentaflame

What Is The Difference Between Schizophernia And Schizoaffective?

My diagnoisis is schizoaffective disorder bi-polar type. Is the only aspect that seperares the two illnesses a mood disorder within the other symptoms of schizopherina. Is there an exact differnce? I do get the two confused and I need some clarification.


Hi magentaflame,

This same question was an "Ask" question about a month ago, so if you scroll through the "Ask" archives, you'll get my complete response.

In short, I tell everyone not to get hung up over the diagnosis, because a diagnosis could change over time [I know someone whose dx changed from bipolar to schizoaffective].

The best benefit of an accurate diagnosis is that it reflects the constellation of symptoms that a person exhibits, so that the right medication can be chosen and monitored. As the symptoms change or new ones develop, and when certain symptoms are predominant, that is when the diagnosis could change.

I alsways tell people, and I'll tell you, if the medication works, and you're getting symptom relief, and can function in the world, that's all that matters. The diagnosis doesn't mean a hill of beans, except as a tool for treatment.

You've written in here before about finding the person you want to marry, so when I hear good news like that, it leads me to believe you are doing well, and having a husband to su0port you in what you go through having this condition, will aid you greatly iin addition to the medication.

The bottom line is, to be successful in life, you'll have to stay on your medication. Medication taken when pregnant could cause harm to the fetus, so that is why a lot of women decide not to give birth if they have schizophrenia, schizoaffective or another mental illness. Because then you'd possibly have to go off medications while you're pregnant, and you could get sick again.

So, like I've said, don't fret about the particular diagnosis, stay on your meds,a nd follow your heart and your intuition about the guy you want to marry.



Answered by Christina Bruni