What Doctors Are Highly Recomended In New Jersey


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What Doctors Are Highly Recomended In New Jersey

my mother is 76 and I believe she has Alzheimer's, but want to get her fully checked out.


You are right to seek a proper diagnosis. There are certain symptoms that are characteristic of Alzheimer's disease. These include short-term memory loss, confusion and disorientation to person, place, and/or time, and struggling to complete familiar actions. If you are concerned about your mother, a proper evaluation is indeed in order. Many people start out getting evaluated by their primary care physician, but if you would like to go straight to a specialist, it is recommended you see a geriatrician or a neurologist who specializes in dementia. You can find referrals for both types of physicians by contacting either the American Geriatrics Society at http://www.healthinaging.org/ or the American Academy of Neurology at http://patients.aan.com/