What Does Abnormal Cells In A Breast Biopsy Mean??


Asked by hpxayavong

What Does Abnormal Cells In A Breast Biopsy Mean??

I have had a breast biopsy and the report came back showing abnormal cells...I have a follow up appt. but it's not for 2 weeks I am going crazy....does it mean I have cancer?? Could it mean something else and if yes what??


Abnormal cells are just that. Likely what your doctor is waiting for is a complete pathology report, or possibly even another opinion to be certain as to what it is. According to this article, it seems as though not all abnormal cells classify as cancer cells pathologically. I think it all depends on the extent of abnormal cells found and the results from the pathology. I'm sure your doctor will get you the final results just as fast as they can. Until then try not to stress - 4 out of every 5 biopsy results are not cancer. Know that we are all here to help - look around, you'll find lots of great resources to help you.

Good luck!