What Doess Traces Of Occult Blood In Stool Mean?


Asked by KIRAN

What Doess Traces Of Occult Blood In Stool Mean?

what does " traces of occult blood in stool" mean?

I recently suffered from gastro, a very severe diarrhea. I had watery stools for almost

two days before I consulted a doctor who put me on medication. Though diarrhea has

stopped since yesterday, I just got my stool samples analyzed from pathalogy lab,

the results have shown traces of occult blood in stool.


Hello, Kiran. I'm glad you're feeling better.

When you said, "I recently suffered from gastro...," I think you meant that you had "gastritis"-- inflammation of the lining of your stomach. Some common causes are infection, chronic irritation, or disease. From your description, it seems like you caught an infection that caused the gastritis; diarrhea was the main symptom.

The lab result for your stool sample noted traces of occult blood--that is, a very small amount of blood ("trace"), too small to be seen by the naked eye (hidden, or "occult").

The finding of the small amount of hidden blood could be perfectly "normal," in that you were in the midst of quite a lot of irritation to your GI tract at the time. But, I suggest that you repeat the portion of the test that checks for occult blood next month, just to make sure that the source of the blood is not unrelated to your recent bout with The Stomach Bug.

Stay well.