What Can Be Done About Mid Upper Back Pain?


Asked by DannyG

What Can Be Done About Mid Upper Back Pain?

I am having pretty severe pain, running from my right side (upper ribs to just below the lower edge of my ribs) all the way to my upper, middle back. Physically, I can barely look down at the floor if I'm standing and it hurts to try to do so. I can feel the muscle tightness in the middle part of my upper back. At night I can't lay on my right side at all without it hurting severely. It varies from day to day as far as the range of my pain goes (sometimes spreads to the left part of my back), but the actual pain is always intense. Does anyone know what I can do to possibly help ease the pain?


You definitely need to see a doctor about this. This kind of pain can be caused by muscle strains; sometimes the muscles inside the ribs that allow them to flex when you breathe can go into painful spasms. Anti-inflammatories may be able to help a bit and, if it is a muscle strain then muscle relaxants may as well but you're need a doctor to get a prescription. Good luck!

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