What To Eat And Do To Get A Bigger Butt And Leaner Stomach?


Asked by thealias01

What To Eat And Do To Get A Bigger Butt And Leaner Stomach?

I would like to know about a diet and workout regimen that will help me increase the size of my butt, while also slimming my stomach. Several sites give advice for one or the other, but can I achieve both at the same time?


To slim your stomach you want to concentrate on doing crunches as opposed to sit ups. You'll also want to work your obliques to bring your waist in. Pilates can be a great workout to help tone your stomach, as well!

If you belong to a gym there is a butt blaster machine you can use to really firm and tone your butt and accentuate the muscles. However, one of the best butt workouts is a squat. A bonus is that squats also work your core and burn tons of calories! Here's a great squat workout that also incorporates cardio.

The key to a slim stomach is just as much about what you eat, as how you workout. As the saying goes, "abs are made in the kitchen!" You'll want to cut out high sodium and fatty foods (like processed food and fast food), and concentrate on clean food (fresh vegetables, fruits, protein-such as fish and chicken). You can use this clean food to fuel your body for your booty workouts, while keeping your stomach lean!

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.