What Are The Effects On The Patient Of Moving From One Nursing Home To Another?


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What Are The Effects On The Patient Of Moving From One Nursing Home To Another?

My brother-in law is in a nursing home about a 45 minute drive away from my sister. She goes to visit him everyday. He does recognize her and he is devastated when she does not go to see him. Visiting in the summer is doable since the roads are okay and the daylight is longer. But in winter the driving conditions are often extremely hazardous. He was placed in this nursing home from a hospital. It was the one that was available at that time. He seems to do very well there. My sister is pleased with his care and environment. The bottom line is that there is a place closer which has a good reputation, where more family and friends would be more inclined to visit. She is extremely reluctant to move him because she is afraid the move to a different environment would negatively impact him. Could you point me to any articles or research addressing this topic?

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You are asking a good question. It sounds like you are really weighing the pros and cons of the move, and are keeping your sister and brother-in-law's relationship as the priority. I also understand the reluctance to move your brother-in-law due to what may happen. I think the family needs to carefully weigh the potential toll against all the good that would come out of the move (such as the visits you mentioned from family and friends, which would be beneficial to your brother-in-law).

In my mother's case, the nursing home moved her (as well as the other residents who had dementia) two times to different rooms in different wings during renovations to the facility. Mom and some other residents with dementia seemed to rebound, but had difficult transitions. Other residents with dementia who seemed to be at a similar level as Mom did not handle the move well and their condition deteriorated. At least two died within a month after the move.

Here are some shareposts that I wrote about the moves (as well as a potential move that Dad and I considered for Mom to an Alzheimer's-specific facility) that may be helpful:

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Take care and let us know what your family decides.


Answered by Dorian Martin