What Exactly Is Nerve Pain?


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What Exactly Is Nerve Pain?

What exactly is nerve pain and what causes it ? Will it ever go away


Nerve pain is a kind of broad term that refers to pain that generally follows the path of a nerve and is the result of nerve damage. Lots of different factors can cause a nerve to elicit pain; they can be compressed by some sort of wound or trauma or inflammation in the area, nerve pain can occur as a result of surgery; infections such as shingles can cause nerves to flare up (very painful!), in diabetes poor blood flows to the nerves can cause them to become activated.

Nerve pain is often sharp and stabbing and burning but nerve damage can also simply cause numbness and hot and cold sensations.

How long it will last depends on its cause. If nerve pain is due to inflammation it should subside when the inflammation does; if its due to an infection it usually (but not always) subside when the body finally fights off the infection. If its due to diabetes then keeping the diabetes under control will obviously help.

Nerve damage/pain can be difficult to treat, however. You can find more out about peripheral neuropathy here.

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