What Is The Formula For Figuring Out Ldl Cholesterol?


Asked by Shelley

What Is The Formula For Figuring Out Ldl Cholesterol?

I have my Total Cholesterol, HDL and Triglcerides levels. I know that there is a formula to figure out my LDL using these, but I don't know what the formula is. Can anyone help?


The formula you're talking about is this one:

Total Cholesterol = HDL + LDL + (Triglycerides x .20)

In your case, since you have the other numbers, you would rearrange the equation. Take your total cholesterol level, subtract the HDL, and subtract the triglycerides (that have been multiplied by .20). Here's the written equation:

LDL = Total cholesterol - HDL - (Triglycerides x .20)

I hope that helps, and I hope that you get a number that pleases you. If you'd like some information on how to lower your LDL, you might try reading this article on simple steps you can take to lower your LDL levels.

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN