What Can I Give A Six Year Old For Heartburn Symptoms?


Asked by Lori

What Can I Give A Six Year Old For Heartburn Symptoms?


Hi Lori,

Since you don't have a doctor's diagnosis yet, you should probably try some natural remedies to help with the burning. Papaya and Pineapple both have enzymes that assist in digestion and Papaya actually contains papain which has a soothing quality. You can read what Dr Eisner has to say about Papaya and Pineapple here in this share post.

There are also some tips for making children and babies more comfortable here. Tracy Davenport is the mom of a child with Reflux. You can read about Tracy here, but she also has a very good article about making the most of your doctor's appointments here.

Online sources are great to help you ask all the questions you need to ask, but they can not take the place of your doctor's advice. It is best to have your child see the doctor and then go on from there.

Take care and let us know how the child is doing!

Vicki M

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