What Is Giving Me This Sensation That I'm Falling?


Asked by Julie

What Is Giving Me This Sensation That I'm Falling?

I get a very weird sensation that I'm falling and/or slumping to one side. Makes me feel nauseated, and I'm not even sure it appears to others that I'm moving (slumping or leaning forward) at all. What is this from?


Hi Julie,

I know that you have read my recent post Free Falling. I get the falling/slumping sensation too. It is most likely due to the location of my lesions in the c-spine as I don't have any significant brain lesions. Part of it is a lack of awareness of where my body is in space, and part is due to an underlying weakness of core body muscles.

The difference is that I do not feel nauseated when I get this feeling, well most of the time that is. I do, however, feel nauseated if my head bends forward to my chest even when there are no electrical zaps at the same time. Odd, huh?

I wish that I had a better answer for you. Oh, one more thing, I seem to recall that you have difficulty with sensory overload, especially through sound. I have this as well. Maybe we have similar lesion patterns.


Answered by Lisa Emrich