What Is This Green Pus Filled Lump Under Breast?


Asked by cvmathews

What Is This Green Pus Filled Lump Under Breast?

This "lump" under my breast showed up a couple days ago, it is somewhat painful. When it is pushed on, green smelly pus comes out. I have been trying to push on/near it a few times a day to get all the puss out. I have not put any antibiotic cream on it yet. I did some research but I don't know what I am really looking for, it sounds like it could be a boil. If it is a boil, I probably shouldn't be pushing on it, from what I read. Too late now! Though I have never had one so I couldn't say for sure. I can see it very well, but i do see a red streak next to it, underlining the breast. If i do go to the doctor, should I go see a gynecologist, or a different doctor (I don't have a primary doctor)? Thanks in advance!


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I wouldn't poke or push on this lump anymore. It sounds like there may be an infection especially with the green pus. You could see a dermatologist or a general practitioner for this.

One of the writers on Health Central has just written an article on breast boils that you may wish to read.

I would seek the help of a dermatologist if you are able.

Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me