What Happens If I Miss My Forteo Shot


Asked by candy

What Happens If I Miss My Forteo Shot

is it true you have to take the shot for 2 yrs and if yoy miss it you have to start the 2 yrs all over


Hi Candy, welcome and thanks for your question. Yes you take Forteo for 2 years. If you miss a shot, talk to your pharmacist and ask when to take the next one, but you generally just take the shot the next day. Don't ever take 2 shots in the same day.

I was taken off of Forteo for a month because I had calcium problems and that had no effect on my treatment other than it was extended by 1 month. If you only miss one dose you take the next one as scheduled, the following day.

If you have the patient guide that came with the Forteo it explains what to do if you miss a dose, please read that section. If you misplaced the printed literature that came with the Forteo you can access it on the Forteo web site using your id card and password. Here's the link to it; just be sure to use your password to get to the instructions. You can also call Eli Lily at 1 866-4Forteo and they can tell you what to do. It is not true that if you miss a dose you have to start the whole 2 years over.

Good luck and if you have another question don't hesitate to ask. Also don't forget to talk to your pharmacist or Dr. about missing a dose and what you're suppose to do to verify what I said, as well as reading the explanation in the patient insert located in your Forteo box; look for the paragraph on "missing a dose."

Answered by Pam Flores