What Happens After You Have 90 Percent Clogged Arteries?


Asked by lissette

What Happens After You Have 90 Percent Clogged Arteries?

The doctor said that 90 percent of my grandmothers arteries are cloggled. is there any thing we can do about it or is it non refersable?



This is actually a fairly complicated question, and only your physician who has a full history of your grandmother's health can properly answer it. First, there are many arteries in the heart, and the location of the obstruction plays a role in the determination of how to manage the problem. One method of determining the location and degree of obstruction is by catheterizing the heart. This is done by inserting a wire into the arteries in the groin and floating up to the heart. Dye is injected through the wire and pictures are taken to visualize the arteries. If indicated, stents can also be floated up to the arteries to expand them and increase blood flow. Another method of visualization is done by using a very advanced CT scan. Finally, if needed, bypass surgery, known as CABG, can be performed where other vessels in the body are sewn onto the heart vessels to create a bridge to bypass the clogged area. This is usually a last resort. Additionally, clogging of the arteries is usually irreversible.

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