What Happens When You Have To Stay Off Humira For Two Doses?


Asked by Deppe

What Happens When You Have To Stay Off Humira For Two Doses?

I have waited for two doses to go back on my Humira injections. I had an infection and a surgical procedure. It will probably be another week, making it four since the last one. I notice that my ankles are already swelling again. Have any of you experienced this? I thought the Humira might not be helping until I got off for this period of time. Thanks for your help.


When you go off your disease modifying medication, be it e.g., methotrexate, Plaquenil or Humira, after a time, you will notice the RA symptoms again. Just as it took a while for the medication to build up enough in your body that it suppressed your symptoms, it will take awhile for it to decrease to the point where you symptoms come back. How long it is before the symptoms come back and how severe they are, depends on the individual. In my experience, different people metabolize medication differently and someone with a faster system might see their symptoms return sooner. However, the fact that Humira takes several weeks to reach maximum impact likely means that although you're experiencing some symptoms now, you might be able to reverse the process by the time you get your next shot.

In the last 4-6 weeks, I've had to decrease my dose of Humira and skip one entirely when I had the beginnings of some lung thing following a cold. At the end of last week, the weather changed here in Toronto and for the first time in the two years I've taken Humira, I noticed joint pain in connection to that. However, when I got my shot early this week, it disappeared. The same may happen to you or you may need two does this for it to reach a desirable level in your body. In other words, your RA hasn't come back to stay - as soon as you get enough Humira to suppress the disease, you should go back to where you were before.

Hang in there, it won't be long before you're back to normal.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW