What Heart Pill Is Shaped Like A Triangle Or Heart Shape


Asked by sparks06

What Heart Pill Is Shaped Like A Triangle Or Heart Shape

the pill is small, white in color and shaped like a triangle or heart shape..



Thanks for the question. Many pills look alike and it can sometimes be challenging to keep them all straight when dispensing them. There are a few ways to identify an unknown pill.

First, you could contact the doctor who prescribed the medication and ask him/her.

Another reliable method is to take the pill to the pharmacy and ask them to help you identify the medication. In addition to brand name drugs, they will be able to identify generic medication.

Another, less reliable method is to use the internet, which has several drug identifying websites, which include descriptions and sometimes pictures. I say less reliable, because you're still looking at a picture, and in some cases, making a final determination may be difficult.

I hope this information has been helpful for you. Once you know the indenty, please use our website to learn more about this medication, as well as other tips on optimizing your health care.

Martin Cane, M.D.