What Do High Cpk Test Results Mean?


Asked by Donna

What Do High Cpk Test Results Mean?

For over 10 years now, my CPK levels have run in the 300-500s. The norm should not exceed 150, but my doctors say that my high results may just be normal for me. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and wonder if anyone else has had this blood test with such high results. And if so, what does your doctor tell you?


Thats interesting. I assume you've been checked for a disorder called polymyositis? That's a disorder that has similar symptoms to FM but with high CPK levels.

However, while your CPK levels are higher than normal, they are not nearly as high as in autoimmune conditions such as polymyositis, dermomyositis, or McArdles Disease, where CPK levels can be in the thousands. This suggests you're kind of in a limbo area where somethings going on but not at a severe level.  Medicine is not really good at explaining this kind of abnormal but not disease causing test finding. If you doctors believe that this may be your normal then that might be true for you.

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