What Is The Importance Of Schizophrenia


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What Is The Importance Of Schizophrenia


Hello maui,

Your simple question doesn't give any details about what you're suggesting, so I will focus on the categories you chose: legal issues, education, suicide prevention and support. Log on to www.afsp.org for details about suicide prevention.

10 percent of those diagnosed with SZ commit suicide. 77 percent of those who have SZ and commit suicide are males. Medications alleviate the symptoms of SZ to such a degree that it's possible to function and deal with the symptoms, such as voices or delusions. So medication is a way to halt the potential for violence or suicide among people with SZ who go untreated. I have a friend who "tried," not because she wanted to die, but because she wanted to get rid of the voices. With the switch to a new medication, her voices stopped.

As for legal issues, people with a severe form of SZ often need to live in group homes or residences or halfway houses. They could wind up homeless because they refuse treatment. People with SZ who commit crimes, whether petty crimes or felonies or misdemeanors, often get sent to jail as opposed to hospitals, so they begin a cycle of going in and out of jail or prison, where they're not given adequate meds or not given meds at all, they could wind up in solitary confinement (the SHU, or Special Housing Unit).

Education, of course, is of primary importance in getting the public to understand that treatment works, that people with SZ who stay in treatment with drugs and therapy can be successful, even just as successful as those who don't have SZ.

Educating yourself about your condition, if you have SZ, lays the foundation for your recovery.

The goal is immediate intervention following the first psychotic break or breakdown, followed by having the right community services in place.

People can and do recover from SZ every day.



Answered by Christina Bruni