What is it Like to Take Adderall?

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Hi everybody,

We are going to try something new here on ADHDCentral.   In a previous post I had talked about our experience with a drug called Risperidone.   My son has recenly begun taking this medication and I was eager to share this experience with members as well as hear your feedback based upon your personal experiences. The post received many comments and it made me think that maybe we should discuss the other medications as well.   We can learn a lot from each other to discuss the similarities and differences in our experience with any particular drug.

Over on MyDepressionConnection I created a Member Medication Review to give members a chance to give their feedback on the various medications and supplements.   We started with Abilify and worked our way through the alphabet to Zoloft.   The member responses were very illuminating.   You come to understand that what works for one person may be a medication disaster for someone else.   We are all very different in how we are affected by medication.

Remember that the best person to ask questions about your medication is the doctor who has prescribed your medication.Your pharmacist may also be able to help you with any questions.

I wanted to start our Member Medication Review with Adderall (Amphetamine/Dextroamphetamine)   Here is our information about Adderall including possible side effects and possible drug interactions.

We would like to hear from parents who have children taking this medication as well as individuals who have taken Adderall.

For Parents who have children taking Adderall:

What made you decide to try Adderall for your child?

How long did it take for this medication to "work" for your child?

What improvements did you notice if any?

Did your child experience any side effects?

If you took your child off of Adderall what was the reason?   And did your child suffer any withdrawal symptoms?

For Individuals Taking Adderall:

What made you decide to take this medication?

2. What does it feel like to take Adderall?   What is the experience like?

How long did it take before this medication "worked" for you?

What side effects did you experience?

What improvements did you notice?

If you have stopped taking this medication what was the reason?   Did you suffer from any withdrawals?

Thank you to our members who participate in this review.   I think this will be an especially helpful conversation to have just to see how others fare on the various medications.   It is important to note that what works for one person may not work for another.

We look forward to hearing from you