What Kind Of Doctor Treats Joint Hand Pain


Asked by Michael

What Kind Of Doctor Treats Joint Hand Pain

I have developed a problem with my left wrist and thumb, the problem has been going on for 2 months and per my PCP I have been using aspercreame and a wrist brace. The two treatments help but I can only use the wrist brace at night.

The last time I spoke with my PCP about this he recommended that if the aspercream and wrist brace did not clear up the problem that I should see a specialist.

The question is, what kind of specialist should I see?



Hi, Michael. I have wrist and finger pain caused from osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis. I see a rheumatologist and an orthopedic doctor, who is actually a surgeon. Has your PCP run any blood tests? Did he/she say that you have some sort of arthritis? Have you had any xrays or an MRI? Sounds like you do need more help than you are getting at the moment. Hope this helps. Best Wishes, V

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