What Kind Of Dr Treats Cholesterol Problems?


Asked by J'9

What Kind Of Dr Treats Cholesterol Problems?

My 19 y/o daughter 5'7' 165lbs went from a count of 364 to 304 with diet. Then from 304 to 260's on meds. The problem is hereditary in our extended family....(we are all controlling our numbers with diet, exercise and meds)..It is time to graduate from a pediatrician and the nutritionist that perscribed the meds is not on my new insurance. What kind of doctor would be best for her to see and continue treatment with?


Hi J'9,

Most general practitioners are capable of treating individuals with high cholesterol. This is where I recommend you start. If your doctor's case requires more specialized care a general practitioner will be able to refer you to an appropriate specialist, such as a cardiologist.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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