Why Does my Body Itch when I Have a Temperature Change?


Asked by kunle

What Kind Of Skin Problem Is This? My Body Itches When There Is Temperature Change In My Body...

This is a long description of what is happening - strange. I have itching on my skin, maybe beneath my skin, since it doesn't show on the surface. Its like the itching that you have when you react to "quinine" - hope you know how that feels. This itching only happens as a result of temperature change in my body and it continues for minutes (5,10, 20.. depending on how quick my body temperature stabilize). Now I think its more connected to coldness in my feet as the heat withdraws to the other part of my body. When the temperature increases sharply, then my body reacts, same when the temperature drops of sudden. It happens almost every day when i take my shower, after coming out of the shower and my body temperature changes. I can no longer bath with cold water at any kind of temperature. I have lived in both temperate and tropical region and the situation remains the same. I have tried several creams, soap, changed my towel and did skin test. Well, no result shows the reason why. One doctor told me its some thing like "neuro-thermal allergy". I am still looking for what that means. There was a time I had to stop taking Milk, because I had the reaction for a long time and my skin started having some rashes from excessive itching. Well, I never confirm if this is actually the cause, but it worked for some times... only for the itching to continue. Ha, I remember, when I walk or run and I sweat, then the itching starts.... its mostly on my back, upper arm, thigh, some times chest, leg... My neck, face and hand are safe :D. What could this be? if there is need that I explain more, because many doctors don't have time to listen to long stories, that is why I am turning to the internet for answer.


Thank you for your question.

I am not a medical professional and cannot give you medical advice.

From what I have read, the term neuro-thermal allergy would indicate that your body is reacting to temperature changes in the same way as it would react when you come in contact with something you are allergic to - by releasing histamines which can cause the itching. There are over the counter antihistamines available and you might want to try one to see if it relieves the itching. However, if you are taking any other medications, please first talk with your doctor or pharmacist to make sure you don't experience any drug interactions.

Although I did find information on itching from sweating, I did not find anything that would cause itching from cold as well.

I hope your doctor is able to give you more answers to help relieve this.


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