What Do The Levels Of Ra Factor Mean?


Asked by LauraMM

What Do The Levels Of Ra Factor Mean?

Thanks for all of the recommendations to see the rheumatologist. I do have a referral from my doctor to see him and she has talked to him about my condition which on initial conversation with my GP he believes it is probably rheumatoid. What I don't know is what the numbers mean exactly other than they "are not normal". My CCP was positive and my RA factor was 237 (which I know normal is under 20). From everything I've read it seems having a number that high tends to represent a more aggressive form, is this true? I will hopefully see the rheumatologist soon but until then I'm looking for as many answers as possible seeing as it's usually diagnosed between 40-50 and I'm only 26. Thanks.


The specifics about what the numbers in a blood test mean are little out of the scope of expertise of the people who answer questions here - none of us are doctors, but answer based on our own experiences. However, we recently interviewed a doctor regarding blood tests, numbers and what it all means and you can read that here.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW