What Makes A Dementia Sufferer Stay In Bed For 24 Hrs?


Asked by Mary Kay Snyder

What Makes A Dementia Sufferer Stay In Bed For 24 Hrs?

My mother is 92 yrs old,an has dementia,she takes meds,such as heart medicine,aspirin and another percription to help her eat more food.Can't remember the name of it.Well,anyway,my sister is the caregiver for my mother and she told me that our mother stayed in bed for 24hrs,but was offered her meds/water/food.Our mother refused all 3.This was the 1st time,my sister noticed it and was concerned greatly.My mother's response was get the hell out of my room,and leave me alone! The 2nd time was just a few days ago,my sister again gave my mother her meds,water & left food in her room for her too eat. The following day,mom had no cue for her actions.She forgets alot and has a compulsive behavior. What causes this to happen?

Concerned by youngest daughter,



Your mother's behavior could be for several reasons apart from the dementia diagnosis. Whenever there are behaviors that are unexplained, it is imperative that your mother seeks medical attention. It is possible that your mother has an infection or other medical condition that could be causing her change in behavior. In addition, it is possible that your mother is suffering from depression. Her refusal to take medications, drink or eat, as you described, puts her at risk for medical conditions, including becoming undernourished or dehydrated.

It is important that individuals with dementia are kept active and stimulated daily. Enrolling your mother in an adult day program or another type of social activity could be helpful. During the day, she could benefit from participating in recreational activities and socializing with others could help motivate her to get out of bed daily. In addition to outside programs, you can try to engage her in activities at home. Implementing simple activities such as crossword puzzles, folding laundry, music, or cooking can all be enjoyable. She will feel productive while also stimulating her mind and body.