What Is The Maximum Dose Of Baclofen?


Asked by MWMS

What Is The Maximum Dose Of Baclofen?

I am having spasticity in both lowerlimbs,which my neuro fees is adding to my ataxia and he suggested baclofen.I started with 10mg and now taking 20mg of slow release preparation twice a day but I do not find any relief from the spasticity.Any body using baclo in a higher dose and your experience with it?


Hi Reddy,

I've used Baclofen rather successfully for my spasticity. I'm not familiar with a "slow release" version of the drug. Perhaps you have access to something slightly different than I.

The recommended maximum dose of Baclofen in the literature says 80mg daily (20mg - 4x daily). My neurologist says that it is safe to go up to 120mg if need be. At my maximum, I was taking 60-80mg daily depending upon my needs.

Remember that when you are taking high doses of Baclofen, you MUST NOT stop immediately for risk of seizure. Baclofen needs to be tapered down carefully before stopping.

What was the recommended limit on dosage which your doctor prescribed?

Answered by Lisa Emrich