What Medication Helps Anxiety And Anger Issues?


Asked by Sally

What Medication Helps Anxiety And Anger Issues?

Can someone suggest a medication for someone who suffers from anxiety with anger issues and mood swings? I have taken Zoloft, but I'm not sure it helped.


There a number of medications that treat anxiety and mood issues.  Some -- such as Ativan, Xanex, and Valium -- work fairly quickly and for a short period of time to control acute anxiety symptoms. They can be habit-forming, however, and should be used sparingly.  Another anxiety drug, Klonopin, has a longer lasting effect and can be used as a maintenance medication. Another option for a longer term therapeutic treatment is antidepressant medications such as Cymbalta, Prozac, Wellbutrin, and Lexapro. And finally, if your mood swings are not controlled by these, another option is mood stabilizing drugs such as Zyprexa, though these drugs often come with more side effects than the other options.

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