What Medication Is Used For A Slow Metabolism?


Asked by angela

What Medication Is Used For A Slow Metabolism?

My sister is very obese....and nothing seems to help her , so I am trying to help by researching some medications for her slow metabolism, they say its no , but I know it is and am sick of watching her struggle, and starve herself, and excercise, try new diets, she cant enjoy her life because of her obesity. I need to know what medications are used for a slow metabolism?


Unfortuantely most of those medications, eg "diet pills," have the potential for serious side effects and do not deliver all that much weight loss. Take it form someone who has been there.

Does your sister have diabetes? One of the writers on HealthCentral, David Mendosa, has diabetes and lost considerable weight with his diabetes medication. You can post your question on DiabetesCentral to get his reponse.

I wish you and your sister find a permanent solution. As I wrote in my other post to you, weight-loss surgery was the only option for me. Good luck.

Answered by My Bariatric Life