What Medication Works For Nerve Pain?


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What Medication Works For Nerve Pain?

I have been suffering from nerve pain and am not sure how to treat it. What medication works best for nerve pain? Thanks.


Neuropathic pain - caused by an injury to the nerves - is not particularly easy to treat. Doctors do have, however, a wide variety of drugs in their toolkit that can work for people with neuropathic pain.

These drugs generally attempt to turn down the activity of the injured and overactive nerves. (Notice that these tend to be 'anti' drugs).

Tri-cyclic anti-depressants and SSRI's - given in much lower amounts than for depression - can be helpful. Cymbalta is a new anti-depressant that recently came on the market that may be effective. These drugs reduce the pain through their interactions in the central nervous system.

Ant-convulsants (anti-seizure) such as Neurontin and Lyrica work directly on the nerves to try and calm them down. They work on the idea that the nerves are kind of in a seizure.

Other drugs include narcotics and alternative treatments such as B-12 shots. Check out the page below for some more alternative treatments. Good luck!

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