What Is Normal Blood Pressure For A Child Age 4?


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What Is Normal Blood Pressure For A Child Age 4?

I have a daughter that is almost four years old. Her blood pressure was 99/73. She has been running a fever of upto 104. We took her to Children's Hospital and they did a cbc and her white blood cell count was 17.8, in the differential, her segs were 72 and lymphs were 14. I really want to find out what is wrong with her. A little more history, she had meningitis about a year and a half ago. She seems to be running fevers more than normal. I think she has been seen at the doctor or hospital 4-5 times over the last year for high fever.

Please advise.

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Hi Empty559,

Here a link to a blood pressure chart for children.


Blood pressure is dependent on height, but the average for a 4 year-old is ~95/53 mm Hg.

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