What Is A Normal Blood Pressure For An Infant?


Asked by Connie

What Is A Normal Blood Pressure For An Infant?

Can you tell me what is a normal blood pressure range for an infant?


Infant blood pressure varies depending on age and whether the baby is sleeping, awake, crying, etc.   Here are some general guidelines:

Less than 6 months - 85 (+/-10) over 46 (+/-9)

Over 6 months - 93 (+/-14) over 55 (+/-9)

By 12 months - 94 (+/-11) over 56 (+/-8)

It is possible for infants to develop hypertension. The symptoms include feeding problems, lethargy, seizures, and mottling of the skin. It is usually caused by medication issues, problems with the kidneys, or issues with the cardivascular system. If your infants ever shows symptoms such as these, you should seek help from a healthcare provider or an emergency room immediately.

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Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN