What Are Normal Numbers For The Ccp Blood Test?


Asked by Karen Anderson

What Are Normal Numbers For The Ccp Blood Test?


Hi Karen,

The anti-CCP test is one of several RA blood tests that are used in the diagnosis and management of the disease.

The anti-CCP test is generally considered one of the more reliable tests for RA. Ninety percent of people who have an elevated CCP have RA. However, it's important to know that CCP can also be elevated for other reasons, such as other autoimmune diseases. As well, some people who have RA don't have an elevated CCP.

Generally, the range of values and their implications are as follows:

Negative: less than 20.0 U

Weak positive: 20.0-39.9 U

Positive: 40-59.9 U

Strong positive: 60.0 U or higher

It's important to know that reference ranges for some blood tests may differ by lab standards. Most use the above values for the CCP. Often, printed lab results will provide the reference range which was used by that particular lab to determine results.

Other RA blood tests include the CRP and ESR, both inflammation markers. When elevated, these indicate inflammation in the body, such as what happens it in cases of active RA, but also if you're brewing a sinus infection. The Rheumatoid Factor is usually positive if you have RA, but up to 30% of people with RA are negative for rheumatoid factor. This is called having seronegative RA. Keep in mind that interpreting blood tests is a tricky business and should not be done in isolation of a physical exam. Often, taking a look at your joints and hearing your medical history will tell an experienced rheumatologist more about whether you have RA than a blood test. Your best bet is to talk to your doctor about the specifics of your case. Lisa

Answered by Lisa Emrich