What Is A Normal Psa For A Man In His 60s?


Asked by Darla Williams

What Is A Normal Psa For A Man In His 60s?

My PSA was 17.00 five years ago. A DaVinci surgery was performed and the prostate was cancerous. No chemo was performed, and when the PSA was taken earlier this week it came back 1.68. What does this mean, and is it too high? Should I be concerned?


I hope you've gotten an answer from your doctor by now, but I wanted to answer this in case it helps someone else. In the past few years the screening guidelines and other factors surrounding the PSA test have been controversial. For this reason it's really important that you talk to your doctor specifically about your PSA results and what they may mean for you, particularly given your history with prostate cancer. You'll feel better about it, and we at HealthCentral will feel better about it if you're given advice by your own physician.

These links to other articles about PSA testing may provide some help to you. Come back when you have a chance and let us know what your doctor said!

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