What Other Options For Pain If You Can't Take Imitrex Any More?


Asked by Dawn

What Other Options For Pain If You Can't Take Imitrex Any More?

I had the misfortune of the family history catching up to me with heart attacks, at age 42 I had a heart attack and that ended my use of Imitrex that was the only thing that worked for my migraine headaches. I do not get any relief from codeine, vicodin nor any other normal pain pills that have been prescribed for me, I am on 300 mg of Topmax and am trying desipramine along with the regular medications that I take since my heart attack (no stents nor surgery). I really wish the drug companies would work on this issue since I've been told I can't take sumatriptans any more. I think I've tried just about everything out there: Relpax, Maxalt, Midrin with no luck, about the only thing I haven't tried is Botox but I don't think my insurance will cover that. The only thing I have left now is trips to the emergency room for the demerol shots to knock me out and trying chiropratic treatments as well. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thanks!


Ergotamines such as DHE and Migranal Nasal Spray carry the same warnings and contraindications about stroke and heart attack as the triptans do.


Answered by Teri Robert