What pain meds are Prescribed after Discectomy / Laminectomy Surgery?


Asked by lisatonn

What Pain Meds Are Prescribed After A Discectomy And Laminectomy Surgery?

I am currently on Dilaudid 2 mg. every 4 hours for excruciation pain, have been on them for 4.5 weeks now and am scheduled for surgery on Aug. 27th, what kind of pain meds will be prescribed to me then? I'm very nervous about any kind of addiction problems/issues developing. Dilaudid does not take the pain away but makes it so that I can walk at least with a cain, somewhat. Otherwise I just sit there and cry, as the pain is so bad.


You will be given narcotic medications to relieve your pain probably for 1-2 months as your nerves heal.

You're taking dilaudid because of the nerve damage in your back. Hopefully the surgery will fix your back and as you recover you'll feel less pain and use less pain drugs than before the surgery.

Three months is not a long time to be on a pain drug. If you're worried about addiction, though, here are some warning signs

  • Loss of control over pain medication use

  • More frequent use of the pain medication per day

  • Taking pain medication for other reasons besides pain, such as when depressed

  • Taking pain medication that was prescribed for another person

The good thing addiction is that it's entirely solveable but my guess is that your chances of becoming addicted are low given the relatively short time span you'll be on the drugs. Be sure, though, to mention your concerns to your doctor. He/she will be able to advise you further.

Good luck with the surgery!

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