What Precautions We Need To Do After A Bypass Surgery ?


Asked by Yogesh Ghodke

What Precautions We Need To Do After A Bypass Surgery ?

My father, age 60 undergone a bypass surgery in April 2007. I want to know that what precautions he should take at this time ?


Yogesh Ghodke,

Thanks for your question.

Assuming the surgery went well and your father is feeling well, there are several things he needs to ensure that he stays as healthy as possible:

-Your father needs to watch his diet and eat a healthy, low fat diet. Our website has many suggestions to help in this area.

-He should be on medication to keep his cholesterol levels low which will help prevent recurrence of coronary artery blockages.

-He should be on a regular exercise program, which will help keep his heart and lungs in shape.

-Your father should maintain regular follow-up with his physicians who will keep an eye on his cholesterol, general health, and determine when follow-up stress testing is needed. Should there be any diabetes or high blood pressure, aggressive treatment is in order.

-I assume your father is not smoking at this time, and should not start at any time.

-Try to maintain an ideal weight as another effort to prevent recurrent problems with his heart.

I hope this has been helpful.

Martin Cane, M.D.