What Problems Can Be Caused After Having An Abortion?


Asked by zara

What Problems Can Be Caused After Having An Abortion?

im 18 nearly 19 years old, ive had two abortions the first was on the 9th january 2007 and the second on the 12th february 2008. Since my first abortion ive had many problems: swallon pelvis, pain during and after sex, brown coulered discharge, clear gel like discharge, sharp pains in my chest, tiredness, weak, a lump at the top of my thigh just under my leg joint that disapeared afta a couple of days but then came back in the same place about 2 months later but bigger (the size of a 2p). Im not sure if my problems are related to my abortions but it seems strange that they occured after the abortions. I have been to many gynaecologists i have been checked for infections twice which have come back negative and ive also had a scan in which they found some fluid at the top of my womb on the left side but they dont think that this is related to my problems because i had recently come off my period. Im starting to get worried about whats wrong with me and i feel as though im not being helped as much as i should be. Please help.


You sound a bit frustrated- and that can typically happen when you have a group of different complaints and no one seems able to put a single treatable diagnosis.

I would (a) see a single Ob/Gyn who can follow you through several different visits to see if sympotoms change in any way. continuity of care - seeing the same doctor who can monitor might help shed some light. (b) Examine whether or not the 2 abortions were upsetting and in some way causing you anxiety which might explain chest pains - just a thought. discharge post D & C is not unusual though it should subside after several weeks. Painful sex is unrelated since they don't really do anything that would significantly disturb the integrity of your vaginal canal.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.