What Are The Risks Of Having Your Nerves Burns?


Asked by Berton Cannon

What Are The Risks Of Having Your Nerves Burns?

I've been having pain in the lower back area for a whike and they gave me pills at first now they having me to use Fentanyl patches. Now they ask me to think about having my nerves burn.


I think this is called nerve ablation...I looked at a couple of websites and didn't find much mention of serious side effects. One site called it a 'safe and well-tolerated procedure". Another mentioned temporary back discomfort and temporary leg numbness. This operation destroys sensory nerves that transmit pain - not nerves that help you move your limbs. Sites on the internet emphasize its safety but be sure to carefully discuss this and any other surgical procedures with your physician/surgeon.

The procedure generally works for 3-9 months..