What Is Roxicodone 5mg And Will It Hurt Your Liver?


Asked by Jo

What Is Roxicodone 5mg And Will It Hurt Your Liver?

My husband and I have a dear friend who is 50 years old.He was just in the hospital.He had high blood pressure and refused to take his b.p.medication for the last 6 years .Instead he stayed home and drank about a case of beer or more a day.He started having fluid in his lower extremeties,and they had a reddish blistered look about them.His legs were so swollen you could not see his toe nails and his toe nails were rotting and blisters with fluid running from those sites on his legs.His blood pressure was high,and his heart Rate was over 180.He developed difficulty breathing.He then went to E.R..They kept him several days until they stablelized him.Neither he or his wife have an understanding of pain treatment.They thought they could just call a doctor and get pain meds.He is now at home and his wife is doing her best to keep him on track by taking his blood pressure medications.Also they told him he had cirhhosis of the liver.Kidney failure and nodules in his lungs.All of these syptoms seem to improve drastically upon release from the hospital.Now he is in a lot of pain.We have tried to talk to his wife about the fact that most medications contain tylenol which is not good for your liver.Is there anthing you know of that might ease his body pain but is not metabolized in the liver or kidneys.We wouldn't want to tell them anything that would cause further harm.Nor are we taking your suggestions as an answer that he should do without consulting his doctor first.But if we do not help him he will just go to the drug store and may take large amounts of tylenol etc....My husband and I are quite knowledgable about narcotic medications and the close regulations of those medications.They think they can just call a doctor and he can call in some narcotic.We have explained to them that narcotic meds have to be hand written and be picked up.We also told them they may have to go to pain mang. and have a narcotic contract for him to be treated.Obviously this is their first day at the rodeo.My daughter is a nurse and wrote down some medications that may not be harmful to the liver.Or atleast the ones that have the least amount of narcotic that would be metabolized by the kidneys and liver.She suggested 5mgs of Roxicodone.But isn't that Percocet?And doesn't that have tylenol in it? He is also having difficulty sleeping and she suggest maybe benadryl for sleep.We all know that he is not going to be around in 5 years.He has absolutely done everything to damage all his major organs.But he is a dear friend and we want to give them an informed decision.His primary doctor we feel is his best bet on advising him about what medications he can take and what will cause more damage.He has told our friend he will not be here in another 5 years.And yes he has brought this upon himself.But isn't this site about compassion and helping people in chronic pain.We would like to be able to tell his 47 year old wife not to give him over the counter pain medications.That would be just as bad.But they really have no idea that even though I have a narcotic contract with my pain doctors.That all medications are to be considered by their side effects.For instance I cannot take nsaids as they have put me in the hospital 6 times.I have had bleeding from my stomach on over the counter nsaids that I did not realize were included in things such as the new pain medications for menstrual cramps.I unknowingly took this about 20 years ago.At my daughters' home who thought she was helping me by giving me medications for menstrual cramps.I ended up having to be taken to the hospital in Sumpter S.C..The only hospital was in Columbia S.C. which was an hours drive.An hour I will never forget as long as I live.Thank God the E.R. Doctor listened to me when I told him I needed an anti-spasmotic medication or something such as Lybrium or other antispasmodics which I cannot remember as this was 20 years ago.Can you advise us so we can show them that it would be harmful to do over the counter.And can you tell me if Roxicodone 5 mgs. is a good suggestion or not.I do thank you for your advise.And your careful direction.We can best help advise him by consulting the experts.I am Jo and I thank you for all the questions I have asked lately.But sometimes that is how life comes at you.Fast and painful.We want his only time left on earth to be as pain free as possible.But he has made that very hard on all the people who love him.Your advise will be most helpful in helping us help them.We are all here for how ever long before God calls us home.We appreciate what ever advise you can and realize it does not take the place of his urgent need to get help from a doctor who will have the difficult task of deciding what will be best.I have found so much hope on this site.I have been helped with depression and have made friends that have helped me also.I thank-you in advance for your help.This is Jo and I understand that you will do your best to advise without the benefit of seeing this man as a patient.Your help will determine how this man spends what little time he has left.


Roxicodone is oxycodone. However,oxycodone is metabolized primarly in the liver, as are most pain medications. (To correct the previous answer, Percocet is oxycodone and acetaminophen -; not hydrocodone.) Suggest that they talk with their pharmacist about any medication they are considering, whether it's over-the-counter or prescription. Pharmacists have the best knowledge about how various medications work in the body and are usually very happy to answer your questions.

His best bet is going to be to look into forms of pain relief other than medication, such as acupuncture or a TENS unit. If his pain is severe enough, they might want to talk to his doctor about neurostimulation. Here is some information on these options:

Acupuncture: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/alternative-pain-relief-255116-5.html

[TENS unit: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/treatment-36204-5.html](TENS unit: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/treatment-36204-5.html)

Neurostimulation: http://www.healthcentral.com/chronic-pain/neurostimulation-and-pain-pumps.html

Answered by Karen Lee Richards