What Are The Side Effects Of Simvastatin 40 Mg?


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What Are The Side Effects Of Simvastatin 40 Mg?

What are the common side effects of simvastatin 20 or 40 mg?


Simvastatin is a medication used in the treatment of elevated fats (lipids) in the blood.   It lowers total cholesterol, and specifically lowers "bad cholesterol" (LDL) and raises "good cholesterol" (HDL).

Common side effects from the medication are stomach upset, and rarer side effects include muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness. You should talk to your doctor if you develop any other side effects, since some (including yellowing eyes, dark urine, severe fatigue, or persistent nausea). Again, these side effects are largely uncommon, but if you have any concerns you should talk to a doctor or your pharmacist.

In the meantime, you should consider other ways of lowering your cholesterol as well. Weight loss, including loss achieved on a low-carb diet, as well as the use of plant sterols and stanols can help.