What If The Spinal Tap Comes Back Normal?


Asked by kim0324

What If The Spinal Tap Comes Back Normal?

My spinal tap has come back normal, but I have four lesions on my brain and have had the VEP test which came back abnormal for my eyes, but normal for hands, and feet and hearing. I am having what my husband and I call "attacks" that worsen during stressful times. My doctor says that I am in the highly probable category, but how long do you stay in limbo for?


Hi Kim,

That limboland is frustrating, isn't it? To receive a definite diagnosis of MS, several different criteria are necessary. Basically, there must be evidence of disease activity which is separated in time and location.

Sounds like you have established disease activity in one moment, and now are waiting for the other boot to drop, which may or may not ever happen. I recommend keeping track of your symptoms in a journal. Make note of patterns and especially new symptoms which occur. This might help you in receiving a definite diagnosis and be able to begin disease-modifying treatment (if that's what your neurologist recommends).

It was over five years between my first MS-related attack and the final official diagnosis. It's a long road sometimes but you're wise to educate yourself now.

Answered by Lisa Emrich