What Are The Stages Of Migraine?what Is The Worst Case?


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What Are The Stages Of Migraine?what Is The Worst Case?

I've been experiencing migraine for about 10yrs above.I've done CT scan before,results were ok.I'm just worried that this may lead to other serious illness that's why I want to know how to determine if the one that I'm experiencing right now is still categorized as migraine.I'm curious & I need help.



The information Nancy gave you describes the four possible phases of a Migraine attack. Is that what you were asking, or were you asking about stages of the disease itself?

At least at this point in time, Migraine disease isn't broken into stages. Migraine is Migraine, and the disease doesn't become categorized as something else. Now, within Migraine, there are different forms of Migraine -- Migraine with aura, Migraine without aura, hemiplegic Migraine, etc. -- but it's not like a disease where we would progress from one stage to another. They're just different forms of Migraine.

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Answered by Teri Robert