What Is Stronger Than Fentanyl?


Asked by C-roc

What Is Stronger Than Fentanyl?

I have been suffering a severe knee injury for the last 10 months. They have me on 100mcg patches every 48 hours, and 4 percocet 10-325 a day. Nothing is even touching the pain! I put the patch on before bed and I MIGHT get 6 hours of relief the next day, that's it. From what I understand this is pretty strong stuff. What can my PM doc try next, what is stronger than the fentanyl?


There's not much stronger than Fentanyl. According to an opioid comparison chart on Wikipedia a drug called sufentanyl, etorphine and carfentanil are all much stronger than fentanyl. Sufentanyl is used almost exclusively during operations, etorphine is used to immobolize elephants and is for veterinary use only, and carfentanil is the same.

Some people just don't respond well to opioids; my girlfriend in one of them. There are other possibilities; they include antidepressants such as cymbalta which turn out to be able to reduce pain in people without depression and anti-convulsants such as Lyrica and neurontin.

Since anxiety is a great pain enhancer and it's hard not to be anxious when you're in a lot of pain you might also try stress reduction courses. MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) was developed to help pain patients who did not respond to narcotic drugs. Courses can be found across the US.

Good luck in your search!

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