What Are The Symptoms Of A Stent Closing Or Colapsing?


Asked by Julie

What Are The Symptoms Of A Stent Closing Or Colapsing?

My brother had quad bypass surgery at age 43 he is now 51yrs old. Last month he had angioplasty and angigram done and they put a stint in. He said he hasn"t felt that good in long time. Now he says he don"t feel as good as he did then. He has extensive cornary artery diease.



Thanks for your question. When a stent closes, the symptoms that existed before its placement are most likely to recur. Though it still occurs, stents today have a lower rate of closing (re-stenosis) than stents only few years ago. Some of this is improved technique, and much of it is because doctors are using stents that have medication incorporated in the stent itself. These medications help prevent the formation of clot, which is the most common cause for re-stenosis.

There's also the possibility that your brother has developed a new coronary artery problem, or is having an issue unrelated to his heart. In either case, he should be contacting his physicians. He might need re-evaluation of his coronary status, including the stent.

Thank you.

Martin Cane, M.D.